Tom Giannattasio


I make products. I lead a team working on design tools at InVision and before that I founded Macaw, which was acquired in 2015. I also worked at nclud designing products for Apple and Oracle. In 2012, I went to Twitter by way of an acquihire. I left shortly after to help MIT design and launch edX.
I also speak, teach and write about design. I live with my beautiful wife and two girls in DC. Also, I'm colorblind.

The super hot web
design tool of the future.

—Jeffrey Zeldman


In 2012, I founded Macaw to build the design tools missing in our industry. I built a team and am leading them through heavy engineering, difficult design problems and the insanity of startup land. It's definitely the largest and most rewarding project I've ever worked on.

We were nominated for .net Magazine's Gamechanger of the Year in 2014 and App of the Year in 2015, were featured in many high profile publications and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign – named one of the most exciting projects of the year by Mashable and CNN. Apparently print's not dead, because Peachpit even published a book on it. We're following up the success of our version 1 with Scarlet, which is coming soon.